Exercises On Subject-Verb Agreement With Collective Nouns

In the case of a group of doctors is to travel…. in the previous rules, you mentioned that a collective noun followed by a pluralistic object of preposition agrees to a plural in different cases…. ZB „India has a team of players who are engaged“ here we use `are`. Similarly, the group is a collective nomun, followed by doctors. Shouldn`t it be „a group of doctors traveling in Haiti?“ My mom goes to the movies with her friends. As their answer above is the first option is correct, but I read a rule that „If two individual names related to and refer to the SAME THING the verb used with them should be singular. That`s why I`m a little confused. It will be great if you can summarize a little bit the words „same thing“ in general, which I said above. People are NOT a collective nobiss like team or staff. It`s a plural name. However, the subject is one that is singular and adopts a singular verb. So the answer is. In the sentence above, the preposition is the four-person expression.

This means that people are pre-positioned. What about the „purpose“ nomin? In this case, it is the subject of a proceeding. Now a process involves a variety of steps, practices and procedures, and therefore its purpose is complex. When I said „The purpose of the process is, (a, b, c and d.)“ the text editor corrected to „goals.“ Not sure I agree as one – d are all parts of the goal, not items you can choose. What do you think about it? In a tango dance competition, there can only be one winner – the best dancing couple. There are two dancers on the floor, there is a couple, if there are four dancers on the floor, there are two pairs. Therefore, the winning pair is one; Maybe two dancers, but just a couple. The same goes for the team and the group, at least in America.

Only one team wins the Super Bowl and the World Series. This is the team that scored the most points at the end of the game. The winning team is on the field and talking to the press. If you want to be plural preaching, write or say a plural theme: dance partners, teammates, group members. If all members of a collective substantive perform an action as a unit (and this is usually the case), use a singular verb. The newspaper article is written correctly. The object of the penalty is 60%. The fractions and percentages can be singular or plural depending on the object of the preposition. In this case, man is the object of the preposition of.

The verb must correspond to the plural people. The good plural shape is want. If you are still confused, please read our article When to add to a verb. A collective Nov is used to refer to an entire group of people, animals or things; it therefore includes more than one member. For example, the noun collective family represents parents and children. A pack contains a lot of wolves. A flotilla consists of several boats. If this is a written exercise for students, we assume that you have provided instructions to fill the raw material with the right word. Since your sentence is not a question, use a period. The heat changes the candle`s – .

. . Our rule 7 of the subject-verbal agreement says: „Use a single verb with distances, periods, sums of money, etc., if they are considered a unit.“ In addition, our rule 1 of number writing says: „Spell out all the numbers starting a sentence.“ So writing 25 years of classes taught me… As we mentioned in our blog on the theme „Contract of subject and verb with collective subversives“, use a singular verb, but if the sentence indicates more individuality, use a plural verb.