Palm Beach County Marital Settlement Agreement

It is a procedure to help people who separate, separate or deal with issues related to divorce, paternity, support or related issues to reach an agreement without the court making the decision in their favour. Although litigation and litigation should be avoided as part of a divorce proceeding and are usually the last resort, West Palm Beach divorce lawyer Jessica Mishali is a very experienced lawyer and are willing to take your case through the trial if an agreement cannot be reached. The opposing party`s knowledge that your lawyer is a very experienced attorney often facilitates an amicable solution to the case. An attempt to reach a peaceful solution or compromise through the objective intervention of a neutral party. The priority in an undisputed divorce is to prepare the client (spouse) for an amicable solution and a reasonable outcome. The aim is for the spouses to organize their own convention rather than the court imposing the result through a contentious case, a procedure and a court decision. An undisputed divorce can bring the following benefits: the petitioner (the spouse who opens a divorce) should prepare, complete and file with the Clerk`s office the necessary legal forms for each case. In the case of simplified dissolution, which is another way to end the marriage in Florida, the spouses jointly file the petition for the simplified dissolution of the marriage in their county Court of Justice. Our divorce and family practice in West Palm Beach is launching a routine process to promote the possibility of resolving a divorce case by mutual agreement. The regulation of key areas of child care, child care, time allocation, maintenance and equitable distribution can be done informally or through mediation. Our clients are fully informed of their rights and are ready to discuss a possible agreement with their spouses. The anatomy of a divorce has several stages. First, the parties submit briefs in which it is clear what each party wants or wants.

Then there is the investigation process, in which the parties seek information from the other party on things like finances or anything relevant to the divorce proceedings. After discovery, one thing out of two can happen. Either the parties can settle their accounts by entering into an agreement/contract to share ownership and time-sharing with the children, or they can decide to go to court. The agreement/contract that shares rights, responsibilities and ownership is referred to as the Marriage Comparison Agreement (MSA). still takes into account the specifics of family law for each state and the registration rules of each county to offer the necessary and correct printable divorce forms in Palm Beach County. Our step-by-step guide will clarify the local rules of the registration process and other important information on the quickest and cheapest way to get a divorce in Florida. You and your spouse may wish to establish the terms of an undisputed divorce. Our experienced divorce and family firm advises and guides you in the development of a conjugal transaction contract. This can be done before or after the start of the divorce proceedings by filing an application to dissolve the marriage.

If the parties are unable to develop an agreement, there are plans to develop an agreement through the mediation process.