Paymaster Services Agreement

As a licensed lawyer, paymaster is subject to heavy penalties and is suspended in case of embezzlement. The Paymaster cannot provide legal services to any of the Paymaster customers, as this is considered a conflict of interest. A Paymaster contract involves ALL parties: transmitter, receiver and intermediary. We receive many requests from intermediaries who want to secure their commissions through a Paymaster contract. It doesn`t matter. However, the main contract between THE DIFFUSEUR and the RECEIVER of the funds must be concluded. So if you are an intermediary, please inform the sender and/or the recipient to contact us. It doesn`t make sense to ask for our Paymaster services, where transmitters and receivers are not involved. What is a Paymaster and what services do they offer? Experienced retailers such as buyers and sellers, agents, brokers and intermediaries use our services as Escrow Lawyer and Paymaster Attorney, based in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Cyprus…).

HQD Holding, which acts independently as a neutral third party on behalf of all partners involved, helps you build deeper trust in your business partners. Copy of the pricing agreement between all intermediaries Our bonus scattering services offer you a phase during which you can perform stress-free with the security of the exchange. Whether it`s a major transaction or a transaction with various meetings, we offer exceptional and quality services. We guarantee that the rate will be paid by the customer commission in accordance with the pricing agreement. We guarantee that payments will be made in a timely manner, with subtle banking and other payments and related data. As a global commodities and asset management company, Hanson Group helps our clients achieve their goals for a financially secure future. We have exchanged information on various financial instruments and are known for our constant execution and ROI. Our style is conservative and we are more careful when we take care of our clients` fortunes and have now gained the reputation of being a trusted asset management and administration organization around the world. Our services take into account organizations, businesses, people at both national and global levels. Whether you are a buyer or a trader, you can perform effortlessly or stressfully at the household exchange with our competent trust services. Our trustees are too simple in nature, safe and compliant with the latest laws and instructions in the country. BFF LEGAL offers paymaster services to many customers, both inside and abroad.

We support our clients in real estate transactions, commodity transactions such as oil, jet fuel, gold and diamonds. A copy of all transaction documents, including the payment agreement. Under international money laundering law, we are required to carry out due diligence for every transaction on behalf of banks, money laundering authorities and tax authorities. There is no way to execute or accept a warrant that is not covered by due diligence! As a Licensed Commercial Agent (Paymaster), we know the procedures and guarantee a secure and legal service. On request and as part of our international legal advice, we also assume mandates to draft and adapt all contracts and agreements if desired. Each Paymaster project must be legally structured. In particular, with regard to international money laundering legislation, many factors and rules must be respected. In some cases, it is necessary to develop and build a structure (stocks, banks, foundations…) During the evaluation and evaluation of each project, our experienced lawyers, tax experts and investment bankers work as a team to develop an optimal structure for transactions.